Elevate Summer Camp is an annual activity and christian faith based summer camp for underpriviledged children in Nigeria, West Africa.

The 4 day camp consists of a morning meeting, sports, arts and craft and motivational talks. Days 1 and 2 are aimed at familiarising the children with people and activities that they would otherwise never have known about. Day 4 is the Camp Finale with camper presentations, competitions, games and goodbyes. Camp base is a private nursery and primary and secondary boarding school within Abuja.

Camp works on a Leader, senior assistant leader and assistant leader system

Leaders are in charge of camp- mature adults, capable of leading activities and caring for campers. Leaders have different roles including discipline, planning and executing morning meetings.

SALs are in charge of the ALs- discipline, well being

Assistant Leaders or ALs are in charge of the children and activities- volunteer helpers that help the day to day running of camp. They help serve, clean and tidy the camp facilities. They also ensure time is kept by the ringing of the bell. ALs motivate the campers and keep everyone feeling engaged and enthused.

Wondering what to do with your holidays?  Why not come and be an Assistant Leader on Elevate summer camp!  


Being an AL is for anyone who's young and wants to enjoy a fantastic weekend where they can

BELONG to a great crowd of people committed to running excellent activity holidays

LEARN more about the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus Christ in the 21st Century

SERVE by doing practical tasks in the classrooms, dining room and kitchen

Being an AL on camp is loads of fun!  Come and be part of a group of 16-20 male and female students and school leavers helping out with the practical tasks on camp as well as having an opportunity to explore or grow in the Christian faith. 

The work that the ALs do 'behind the scenes' frees up the leaders to run activities and to care for the young people who come on our camp.  During the camp you’ll be part of a practical team, either in the classroom, first aid or office.  As well as that, there are talks and Bible studies to help you think through the Christian faith further for yourself.


ALs contribute a small fee of N10,000 which covers their food, camp T-shirt and the Leadership Dinner on the last night.

Volunteer with us

We are in search of 16 ALs for 2018, up from 8 last year! (Available July- August ). 

Here is a link to our previous edition- http://www.esquirenetworkafrica.com/events-1/elevate-2016-esquire-network-charity-summer-camp-photos