Alfayeed Gang

Alfayeedgang is a new school clothing line with modesty. Creating new fashioned where both the old and younger generation can buy and wear comfortable, new designs like the holographic (glow in the dark effect) design on sweat shirt, t-shirts and hoodies, classic new styled suit with old school modesty in both male and female clothing.

Clearly Invincible

C.I is a recently started up business which is focused on fashion and creative consultancy.

We offer specially ordered outfits for males and females. To know more about the fashion capsules, visit

We also offer creative consultancy ranging from fashion & styling, photo/videography and brands. Carefully thought out advice from our CEO & Creative Director, Sessi Koshoedo, will leave you enlightened and positive about your plans.


Urbane by Sommy

Urbanebysommy is a brand focused on expanding everyday.. A ready to wear/ bespoke brand that was founded two years ago. Looking back from where I started I must say we have made progress. Urbanebysommy is also an award winning brand who won the Nigerian teen choice award for choice female fashion designer of the year (2015) alongside other awards.. Urbanebysommy is literally a brand you'd grow to love.. We evolve everyday.