Bornkings was created to revamp the Arts and New Media. 

We are a collection of Mavericks and Visionaries with a seemingly endless pool of talent and resources with an unwavering desire for growth and development through practice , networking and diligence.

BornKings is driven to provide sustainable legacies and to establish a stable and respectable platform for all Mavericks be it in Art , Music , Photography , Literature , Design or mere daily living  so as to dominate in individual fields and increase personal laurels with the end goal of reaching near perfection and a niche in dedicated markets.


Giovani Empire is a diverse entrepreneurial company currently ventured into the entertainment industry.

 We are involved in Event promotion, Artistes booking, Logistics and Planning. Giovani has a reputable online presence and is known to have a good working relationship with various Entertainment groups, Artistes and Media Houses. Here at Giovani Empire, we have a Customer/Consumer first policy and aim to deliver nothing but the best our services have to offer.