Meet the Team




Founder/ CEO

Chelsea MONYE

'My name is Chelsea, I am a creative director, digital media curator and an LLB Law undergraduate. I have a huge passion for the arts and the global creative industry which is why I founded this platform to encourage mass networking between creatives, provide a business resource bank and also to host fun, informative events. I hope you are all very successful at connecting with people on this platform to help you grow your brands and become as great as you possibly can.'






Marketing manager

Sharon browne-peter



'Hi! I'm Sharon Browne-Peter and my enthusiasm for the creative industry started long ago in my childhood but I became fully engrossed into the industry once I was scouted to model in 2012. I am currently studying Property and Planning BSc at the University of Westminster and besides my course, my interests include reading, acting and networking. One of my greatest passions is giving back to my community. I am affiliated with numerous charitable organisations such as GOAL football tournament Abuja, Stella Obasanjo's Orphanage and Oxfam in the UK.'

Operations manager (west africa)

Yakubu yazeed (yaz)

'My name is Yakubu Mohammed Yazeed, a law graduate and the founder of Yaz Media Ltd. I am popularly known as the Storyteller because I believe there is a story to you and I and everything around us, so I tell this story through my brand. I am a free spirited person who believes in togetherness. I live by a code -"remember where you are coming from and where you are going to"-this quote keeps me on my toes and humbles me. Let's live like we are going to die tomorrow, and learn like we are going to live forever.'