Chike Okwudiafor

 Hello, I am Chike Okwudiafor. I am finishing my second year of university and I currently studying International Business at Lee University, Cleveland TN. People call me a photographer but I like to believe I just capture the world through my perspective.

Yaz Media

We are a registered company that believes there is a Story to you and i and everything around , so we tell that story through videos ,pictures ,words , events or any means that allows us tell the Story. Yazmedia is Storyteller, Storyteller is Yazmedia.

Ayo Busari & Ayo Busari Films

A young creative photo-journalist, film-maker and creative director that creates moments in images ad words. Ayo Busari is a creative brand that has been active for over a decade now right from childhood. It involves photography, film making, journalism, fashion, writing and entertainment.